Human Consciousness and our Health


Famed philosopher and Historian of Science Thomas Kuhn reintroduced to the world the concept of Paradigms, core beliefs that are never questioned.  The belief in a flat earth was one such paradigm.  Once a paradigm is broken, whole new worlds of possibilities open up to the whole human race.

In the case our belief in a flat earth prevented the further exploration of the world, limiting human progress in some ways.  Once Columbus and Magellan had made their voyages, all that changed.  The world itself hadn’t changed, but our preconceived notions did, and as a result, our behavior also changed.

Our modern health is based on shared beliefs. We have a 50% rate of heart disease in our population not because we are genetically programmed for half of us to have heart disease, but because we have been programmed to think this is normal and there is no alternative to this.  We continue to maintain this belief without question, even though the historical data shows that in roughly 1900, the rate of heart disease in Western cultures was less than 3%.  That is just 3-4 generations, and a significant change of this magnitude is not possible to have a genetic cause.

For the human race to reverse this perception – on heart disease, cancer, diabetes and all the other modern chronic diseases – we must change our paradigm.  This is the key to all human progress, and the key to upgrading human health:  we must upgrade our consciousness.  The Consciousness Seminars are a starting point for this process.  Welcome to the new Humanity!