Mind / Body / Spirit Consultations

One of the major aspects missing from modern science, especially the medical sciences, is an acknowledgement of our spiritual nature.  We humans are holistic – we not only have a physical body, but also mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of our nature.  In an over-zealous attempt to be politically correct and avoid offending the few, our culture instead has alienated the vast majority of society that does know and understand the truth of our spiritual nature.

Many aspects of science and medicine, ironically, can only be understood by including our spiritual nature in the equation.  Many conditions of physical health, the normal functioning of our bodies, and many aspects of our daily lives must be addressed from this spiritual point of view.

For many, though, trained in our politically correct modern culture, starting to explore the spiritual side your nature and your life, can be a daunting task.  Most organized religions do not teach true spirituality. Certainly it is not taught in our school system.

Dr. Cage, in addition to his background in science and medicine, is trained in multiple systems of spirituality, including organized religions, esoteric orders as well as shamanism. He offers consultations in person or remotely on how to integrate your spiritual life with the rest of what you do.  This has the potential to benefit your health, as well as the rest of your life.  Contact us for more details.