The Power of Kinesiological Physiotherapy


Back last century, indeed, last millennium, I was working in aerospace in a high stress job as an engineer and later a manager.  I experienced a great deal of stress-induced tension leading to neck and shoulder pain, and as a result, I used chiropractors on a regular basis.  Shortly after moving to Southern California in 1987, I was at work and complaining about neck pain and needing to find a new chiropractor; having only been in town a month or so, I didn’t have one yet.  A co-worker said “you’ve got to go see John Howard – he’s amazing”.  So I called made an appointment, and went in.

I’d been treated by many chiropractors at that point in my life, and generally gotten good results, but what I found with Dr. Howard was, his technique was incredible.  I barely felt his adjustments.  Whereas others had to practically jump on my back to get bones to move, John barely touched my spine and I walked out free of pain.  Over time, I learned that he not only adjusted the spine, but every other joint in the body as well, along with “adjusting” soft tissue such as ligaments, tendons and muscles.

To say I was amazed is an understatement.

To deal my stressful aerospace job, I also engaged in martial arts.  When first starting out, I got hurt a lot.  I gave John as much credit for me earning my black belt as I did my instructor, because he is the one that patched me back together every time I beat myself up.

Eventually, I made a decision to leave aerospace to attend Naturopathic Medical school, and later Acupuncture school.  When I did, John offered to teach me his unique method of treating the physical structure.  I immediately said “yes” of course, since I knew how incredible it was.

All during my years in school, and for about 5 years afterwards, I studied with him every chance I could, taking friends in who needed work and he would teach me what to do.  With my additional training in acupuncture and energy work, I started to see things John hadn’t, and began adding to his core.  He was impressed and encouraged experimentation, and even adopted some of what I developed.

Needless to say, I was shocked to get the phone call in 2007 and learn that John had been injured in a motorcycle accident.  He was in a coma in the hospital, and a few days later, threw a clot and died of a heart attack.

No one else had ever studied with John long enough to learn his whole system.  They all seemed to feel it was too complicated, or too subtle, or too unusual.  I felt a great responsibility to continue his work and someday pass it on to others.

That time has now come.  What I do now, and what I am teaching, is about 2/3 John Howard’s core material, and about 1/3 is what I’ve added on since.  Between John’s more than 30 years of practice, and my 20 years using his system, this is a compilation of more than 50 years of effort, experimentation and development by two practitioners dedicated to finding the best way to restore the “Physical” body to normal, healthy functioning and relieve pain, as quickly and easily as possible, as specifically as possible, with the least intervention as possible, the least risk of collateral damage, the least risk of relapse, the greatest chance of permanent healing, and with the least number of treatments as possible.

Many, many instances, both I and John would work on someone who had been injured 5, 10, even 15 years earlier and never had gotten better.  Yet, after as little as 2-3 treatments using these methods, they would be completely better.

John never named his system of what he did, tending to avoid putting himself in a box.  When describing this work to others, however, I have found it helpful and necessary to have some type of descriptor.  I coined the term “Kinesiological Physiotherapy”, and originally called it the “Howard Method of…”  Over time, however, with the various additions I have incorporated, the emphasis on energy, and the human structural field, I have finally settled on “The Human Structural Integrity Field Method of Kinesiological Physiotherapy”.  I like nice, short names.  I wish I could have found one for this work! 😊

This material includes bits of non-force adjusting technique, various types of kinesiology, energy bodies, chakras, meridians, energetic organs, and probably a few other things I am forgetting right now.  This method does things no other method I’ve ever seen can do.  No matter what flavor of practitioner you are – chiropractor, acupuncturist, physical therapist, ND, MD, DO, nurse, massage therapist or even if are a lay person who wants to learn a better way of caring for your family, this technique can enhance everything you do.

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