The Vaccination Series: the science and politics of vaccination

86% of those affected by the Disneyland Measles Outbreak were vaccinated.  Yet, the powers that be are STILL claiming the problem is the un-vaccinated population. You can read the article here: Disney Measles Outbreak.

I will be publishing a series of commentaries on the true science, (or lack thereof) on vaccinations.  My decision to finally get into this fray is prompted by two recent events: the propaganda on the Disney outbreak and new bill being proposed in California (SB277) to eliminate the philosophical/religious exemptions for vaccines.

Subjects to be included in this series are: 1) the philosophy of vaccinations, conventional vs. natural. 2) the true efficacy of vaccinations. 3) Childhood Vaccinations and specific side effects 4) Adult vaccinations, such as flu shots, there efficacy and side effects, 5) politics and financial aspects of vaccinations, including a look at autism, adult auto-immune disease, and other adult health conditions, as well as government-sponsored propaganda.  These will be coming out at approximately weekly intervals.  Stay tuned…