It has happened again. A dear friend informed me they had scheduled their gallbladder surgery. They were fed up with the pain, and it “has to come out”. They had multiple opinions from multiple Medical Doctors and that is the consensus. This individual didn’t want to even discuss other options.

Whether someone chooses to use my services as a doctor or not isn’t the question. What I find disappointing in all this is that people still are blindly accepting ANYTHING said to them by the conventional medical system without question. I hope our population is starting to have greater respect for their bodies that cutting off parts that hurt, because the doctors in question cannot or will not help them get better.

So, this post is about the BIG PICTURE. How is it that Human Life is possible? We are basically spirits temporarily inhabiting walking, talking bags of water and electrolytes, divided into billions of cells, each one of which must simultaneously be performing thousand of biochemical reactions to keep us alive and functioning.

The chemistry our bodies rely on is highly repeatable. If this weren’t true, life would not be possible, and we wouldn’t be here having this conversation. This includes the chemistry and physiology of normal health as well as disease.

Specifically for gallstones and gallbladder disease, the issue is nutrition combined with inflammation. Reverse those, and your liver starts making. What made this situation with this friend especially frustrating is that I’ve actually written a book on the natural methods of treating and reversing gallstones. To learn more about it, please check out this video:

Whether the question involves gallstones, heart disease or any other condition, and ESPECIALLY things where you are being given an irreversible choice to amputate a body part, DON’T ACCEPT THE PREMISE OF THE QUESTION! Whether that is through me or some other knowledgeable source, please, respect your life and body enough find out all your options.