Where to begin!  We have been seeing a LOT of anti-health propaganda lately, from vaccinations to  foods and so on.  The subject of gluten is one that is a particular hot-button right now, but gluten is  really the tip of the iceberg.  Articles such as this (https://www.yahoo.com/food/3-myths-about-gluten-you-probably-believe-119544046486.html)  are actually doing a great dis-service to the public for a number of  reasons.  In no particular order, here are some of the most egregious.

Calling Gluten Free Diets a Fad.  This is perhaps the worst because it overlooks all the science that Gluten is not a healthy substance for many humans to consume.  Gluten is a protein structure that occurs in modern wheat and to a lesser extent in Barley, Rye and other grains.  Because modern wheat is a recent hybrid, our bodies  are not necessarily adapted to it (depending on our  own genetic background).

Our bodies respond to problem foods in different ways, collectively referred to as Adverse Food Reactions.  The main types are Food Intolerances (Lactose Intolerance is perhaps the poster-child of this category).  Intolerances are  an inability to digest a particular food, which persists  in our gut  or system and causes symptoms.  The second type are Food Sensitivities, which amount to inflammatory responses by our immune system.  Actual Food Allergies are a response by our immune system’s white blood cells which respond by producing anti-bodies against the food or an ingredient in it.  These are considered to be the  most severe of the three main types.

Allergies come in two general categories, rapid-onset and delayed onset.  rapid onset  allergies are what  most people think of when talking about food allergies; wheezing, airway blockages, etc.  Common trigger foods for this  are peanuts, shrimp and strawberries.  Most people find out they have these the first time they eat the food in question. Rapid onset allergies are controlled by a type of immunoglobulin called IgE.

Delayed onset allergies are more insidious. symptoms develop slowly, over months  and years.  These are controlled by several categories of immunoglobulins, most commonly IgG, IgM, and IgA. Symptoms include skin disorders (eczema, psoriasis, chronic acne, dark circles under the eyes), joints (all forms of  arthritis, fibromyalgia), GI tract  symptoms (constipation or diarrhea, abdominal bloating, gas, Reflux or GERD); weight gain, respiratory conditions (asthma, constant runny nose or other allergy symptoms, sudden onset of coughing after  eating a  problem food).

Despite all this documented  science, conventional medicine tends not to recognize delayed onset allergies as a problem. This is something I find fascinating, because if the antibodies were present against an infectious agent such as bacteria or viruses, they would  all agree that it represented a latent infection and needed to be  addresses.

The above article actually reports on some of the studies which show many types of medical conditions improving by gluten elimination, but then concludes “studies don’t mean anything”.  I guess that’s the response when the study returns results you don’t like based on preconceived notions.

The bottom line is, gluten MIGHT be a problem, and it usually doesn’t occur alone. On the blood tests that look at delayed onset anti-bodies, out of a 200 food panel, it is very rare for someone to be allergic only to gluten. Other foods are often implicated.

Most modern food problems are related to food quality – be it over processing, adding artificial ingredients such as preservatives, or genetically modified foods (GMOs).  Picking out which part of your symptoms is caused by GMOs, which by over processing, which by additives and which by adverse food reactions, can be a difficult job.  If you have any of the above symptoms, though, you should make the effort to find out.

The first step on your journey should be to stop listening to propaganda such as is found on the linked article telling you to ignore the science that says gluten might be bad.DSC_0400




86% of those affected by the Disneyland Measles Outbreak were vaccinated.  Yet, the powers that be are STILL claiming the problem is the un-vaccinated population. You can read the article here: Disney Measles Outbreak.

I will be publishing a series of commentaries on the true science, (or lack thereof) on vaccinations.  My decision to finally get into this fray is prompted by two recent events: the propaganda on the Disney outbreak and new bill being proposed in California (SB277) to eliminate the philosophical/religious exemptions for vaccines.

Subjects to be included in this series are: 1) the philosophy of vaccinations, conventional vs. natural. 2) the true efficacy of vaccinations. 3) Childhood Vaccinations and specific side effects 4) Adult vaccinations, such as flu shots, there efficacy and side effects, 5) politics and financial aspects of vaccinations, including a look at autism, adult auto-immune disease, and other adult health conditions, as well as government-sponsored propaganda.  These will be coming out at approximately weekly intervals.  Stay tuned…



Just a quick check with all of you – it is the 21st century, right? We live in a society with the most access to information we’ve ever had in recorded history.  So, why does such a large portion of society still insist on behaving like they’ve lived in a cave all their lives and never gotten the memo that we all have rights and are supposed to have intelligence?

Yet another breastfeeding scandal has struck the international airlines community.  Read the full article here: https://www.yahoo.com/parenting/airline-calls-police-on-breastfeeding-mom-virgin-115134861232.html

First of all, we should all acknowledge that absolutely the best food possible for infants is mother’s milk.  Nature has a wonderful system of figuring out how a species should survive.  No commercial bottle formula has the proper mix of nutrients – fats, proteins, sugars, vitamins, minerals, immunoglobulins and probiotics – that are found in mother’s milk.  This leads to healthier infants, healthier children and healthier adults.

Then, there is the obviously farcical notion that a woman breastfeeding is somehow offensive in a society with nudity and string bikinis everywhere from the internet to movies, television and billboards.  This is all happening in a society that is supposed to revere motherhood (anyone remember Mothers Day)?

CALL TO ACTION! Everyone reading this should take a pledge to be aware to come to the aid and support of breastfeeding mothers everywhere.  If a flight attendant or any other “official” figurehead of authority ever harasses a woman breastfeeding, speak up! Don’t allow the plane to taxi back to the terminal to turn this woman over to the police.  Imagine what the airline would have done if EVERY PASSENGER ON THE PLANE had gotten up, walked off, and refused to reboard until the woman and her infant were allowed back on, and the FLIGHT ATTENDANT REMOVED!

That is the type of action that will hopefully stop this archaic behavior of shaming women for taking care of their infants in the most beautiful, natural and healthiest way possible.



KUFall2012_06This post was prompted by yet another internet news story of a school district gone crazy.  This has become an all-too-common trend as grade-school teachers and administrators have repeatedly begun, in essence, the practice of medicine by making medical recommendations to parents about their children.  In some instances, they go beyond making recommendations  to actually making certain medical treatments a requirement!  More on that another day, perhaps.

This time, it is an elementary school in Belton, Mississippi that has started measuring the Body Mass Index, or BMI, of students and sending reports home to parents. You can read the full article, here:


So, beyond the very borderline ethics of school personnel performing medical procedures, it highlights the fact that the BMI itself is an unscientific measure, with little to no meaningful use.  Despite this, however, the Body Mass Index has been adopted by the government, insurance companies and the conventional medical system as the “be-all and end-all” of health statistics pertaining to obesity.  If you don’t fit a certain BMI profile, you can be denied insurance and other problems.

So, what I am doing here, is evaluating the BMI itself as a measurement.

Definition: what is the BMI?  BMI is a mathematical formula as follows:

BMI= weight (kg) / [ Height (m) ]2

If you are like any inquiring mind, your first thought is probably, why? What is the basis of this formula?

Where did the BMI Come From?  What we now know as the BMI was invented in the 1800s by a Belgian named Lambert Adolphe Jacques Quetelet. Quetelet was a actually mathematician, not a doctor. He produced the formula to give a quick and easy way to measure the degree of obesity of the general population to assist the government in allocating resources. In other words, it is a 200-year-old measure that never had any scientific basis or validity. Some reports suggest that Quetelet gathered the data, then “played with it” mathematically until he found a formula that loosely fit his day.  In other words, he made it up.  It actually does not represent any physiological measure of health.  We’ve actually learned a lot about health and medicine in the last 200 years, and there is no valid reason to keep using the BMI.

– Other measures are actually more accurate.  Waist size and height ratios, for example, are more indicative of the amount of trunkal fat – fat around our internal organs – which in turn is a better indicator of overall health.  The Waist-Hip ratio is a better indicator of heart disease risk, for similar reasons.  Simply looking at waist size is a better indicator of diabetes risk

– Professor Nick Trefethen of  Oxford University has assessed the BMI and feels the formula itself its flawed, as it will tend to make taller people think they are fatter than they really are, while making short people think they are thinner than they really are.

– The main flaw of the BMI seems to be the fact that it treats all mass the same.  Fat is actually less dense than muscle and organs, which in turn are less dense than bones.  Thus, strong, fit individuals who exercise a lot ( athletes, farm workers or other laborers, etc.), will measure higher on the BMI, which medical professionals interpret as unhealthy.  For these people, the BMI is  often grossly inaccurate.

– Another way to think of this is as follows: If you truly are fat, you will have a high BMI.  If you have a high BMI, however, you may not be fat, you could instead merely be muscular and fit.

–  A far BETTER measure is Percent Bodyfat.  Thus, if you weigh 100 pounds, how much of that is fat, compared to how much is non-fat, ie, muscle and organs?  There are a number of ways now of measuring percent body fat.  There are caliper tests, water tank “dunk” tests, and electric  impedance tests.  These measurements are far more accurate with respect to risks for health conditions.  Unfortunately, they are also a  bit more  labor intensive than simply measuring height and getting weight, so some busy clinics chose not to do this test.

In summary, BMI is a 200 year old, badly outdated measurement with NO physiological basis and NO scientific connection to health.  It needs to be immediately abolished.



Aka Dua Energy: An Ancient Healing Energy for a New Era, by Dr. Arlan Cage, ND, LAc


Aka Dua is an ancient Toltec Energy, released to the public in 2007 by the shaman Koyote the Blind, after being deliberately hidden for more than 1,000 years. It is part of the oral Toltec tradition, passed on from teacher to student since the time of Ce Acatl Quetzalcoatl in the late 900s AD.

As a form of subtle energy medicine, Aka Dua is more powerful than any other healing energy known. It can greatly enhance any other healing work you do, be it any other form of subtle energy, massage, acupuncture, chiropractic, naturopathic, intuitive or psychic healing, surgery, anything. Aka Dua is also suitable for personal home health care for yourself and family.

Aka Dua is also used for a variety of other purposes, and can greatly enhance any activity which blends attention, concentration, movement or dexterity. Many Aka Dua recipients use this powerful energy for dance, art, writing, music, carpentry, athletics – there is no limit to its applications. This book will teach you how to receive a transmission of this powerful, ancient energy,

This is due to the highly unique nature of Aka Dua: a subtle physical substance that combines with you at the sub-atomic level, allowing you to sense or generate a far wider range of frequencies, more powerfully, than you can naturally. It can enhance your clinical intuition, your skills of client assessment, your bedside manner. In short, the clients you work with in your healing practice will tend, on average, to get better, faster.

This book delves into Aka Dua’s fascinating history, explains mastery levels and frequency signatures of Aka Dua energy, relates it to a modern physics/quantum mechanical understanding of subtle energies and energy medicine, and provides a toolbox of simple, yet profound techniques for healing, moving energy.