Health and the Future of Humanity

Health is your birthright!  Modern science says you should live at least 120 years in perfect health.  Historically, there are people who did.  Now, our average age is in the mid-70s. Chronic illnesses are epidemic, and getting worse.  If you would like to know why, and how to reclaim that missing 50 years of health, keep reading.

This site isn’t about disease. It teaches the basic foundations of health, a completely new perspective if your only prior experience about health is with the conventional medical system, which focuses solely on disease.  The key to reclaiming your health is understanding a bit of human history, especially the last 100 years.  Prior to that time, the chronic diseases which are our biggest killers, were only present at the rate of 1-3%.  Now, in less than 100 years, they are present at rates of almost 50%, and climbing!

While the past century has seen tremendous improvements in some areas, such hygiene and clean water supplies which has helped eliminate many infectious illnesses, we have replaced those deadly infectious illnesses with heart disease, cancer, strokes, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and a host of new auto-immune diseases.

How has this happened? The last century also has seen three major trends which are now the biggest assaults on your health.  First, the destruction of our farm soils and the degradation of our food supply.  Second, widespread destruction of our air, water and land through a plethora of environmental toxins and poisons, and third, the almost universal introduction of childhood vaccination programs containing poisons and toxins.

Throughout this site we will be examining all these trends, and how YOU can overcome them, for yourself and your family.

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